Starting with learning math...again :O

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Hello, I have decided to write in this community because I would like to get some kind of advice, please let me tell you.

I am from Slovenia and one day our news were showing how Mr. Jung has helped a lot of students with his math's videos on youtube. I have checked them but unfortunately I do not know German language so I helped somehow with auto-generated translation. I have already finished secondary and as well higher vocational college but since I was a child I always liked to learn new things. Currently I am working but because I have disabilities and right now I am in the process of lung transplantation, it is sometimes a little bit annoying when you are limited and cannot do things which you want but one of them like learning again math, I do not see it as a problem because my brain still function and you just need that for learning it, right? :)  The only problem which I see is I do not know how to start, where to start and how should I start to do practices or what should I learn. 
As well the another reason why I have decided actually thinking about to learn math is, last year I have tried to study IT on faculty, and one of the subjects was math. In secondary school I hated it, although I have a tutor but when I tried on faculty to study it by myself it was really interesting and I was really excited. 


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The first thing you might want to do when starting to learn math, is to revise what you learned in school (maybe you still have materials from back then?). This mainly includes the very basics: arithmetic (mental arithmetic as well as exponent rules, logarithms, etc.) and analysis (what are functions, basic definitions, how to differentiate/integrate). Those thing will help you on the way.
Next thing you want to do is to get math textbooks on the basic topics: linear algebra, real analysis, number theory and abstract algebra. There are many standart books for these topics, so don't overdo it.
Also, get well soon.
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Hi, thanks for advice, it is actually really really helpful. Unfortunately all materials from school it's been for a while in a trash, because it has been many many years since I finished secondary school but of course I can google it about material what is usually done there but all things which you have mentioned I remember them what they are about but specifically what they are about, I have forgotten so this is a good chance to make a revise.   ─   ariana.maksi23 05.01.2023 um 22:43
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