Hello, I have decided to write in this community because I would like to get some kind of advice, please let me tell you.

I am from Slovenia and one day our news were showing how Mr. Jung has helped a lot of students with his math's videos on youtube. I have checked them but unfortunately I do not know German language so I helped somehow with auto-generated translation. I have already finished secondary and as well higher vocational college but since I was a child I always liked to learn new things. Currently I am working but because I have disabilities and right now I am in the process of lung transplantation, it is sometimes a little bit annoying when you are limited and cannot do things which you want but one of them like learning again math, I do not see it as a problem because my brain still function and you just need that for learning it, right? :)  The only problem which I see is I do not know how to start, where to start and how should I start to do practices or what should I learn. 
As well the another reason why I have decided actually thinking about to learn math is, last year I have tried to study IT on faculty, and one of the subjects was math. In secondary school I hated it, although I have a tutor but when I tried on faculty to study it by myself it was really interesting and I was really excited. 


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